Sunday, March 12, 2017

Suicide Kills Another One

When I woke up Friday it was like any other day.  It was 4:00 am and I sipped on my coffee with my husband and felt blessed and grateful to live another day. Just opening your eyes are two blessings to be grateful for.  I grab for my phone to see what the world was up too while I was sleeping.  Social media is far more informative then the news or the newspapers. I  generally start with Facebook and then move on to the other outlets.

This day though was drastically different then all the others when I was browsing Facebook because I came across some really troubling posts.   They are below and I have changed the names to protect the privacy of the family

 "To Sasha & Ashley! I know you will never understand my pain! I will watch over you always! Every-time you hold my ring Sasha I will be there for you! I want you to know that this is not your fault in any way! I am in the darkest place I have ever been to and I can no longer take the punishment of this world! March 9, 2017 completely crushed everything about my life! I wish I didn't pick up your Mom's to find out about her online lover! I wish a union Rep didn't tell a guy above me about his shot at status while I busted my hump for 5 years to get bumped by unauthorized BS! I worked my ass off just to get screwed because he was hired ahead of me the same day! I can't be the punching bag anymore. I can't hope for the Happy future for the two of you! I thought we would always be a family but, I was wrong! I made mistakes during my relationship with your mother now it's time to pay the piper! I just want you both to know that none of this is your fault! Just remember the good times we had together and be good for your mom! I'm sorry and someday you will find it in your hearts to forgive me.. I love you always! Even more than chocolate"

"I got married for better or worse! I'm still married until death do us part!  Francine, I truly hope "Rodney" is worth my life! We all make choices in this life and I chose not to see your choices for a stepfather to my kids! I held on to hope that things could change but, I just had to snoop in your phone! Omg, no hope you were already in another relationship and pushing our marriage aside! Don't get me wrong I'm not perfect in any way and I will be the first to admit I created this situation! But, I've changed and wanted to change more to stay together! It's too bad that I was too late to the party! Just make sure I'm cremated and my ashes go around the world! That's all I ask of you! I'm sorry I wasted 10 years of your life! Make sure Sasha and Ashley get my ashes in a necklace! As for my family thanks for your non support of our marriage because if you think that didn't hurt our relationship your sadly mistaken in every sense of the word! It is a wound that may never heal with my daughters!

I felt panicked when I read these posts so I reached out to the friend on Facebook with the following message hoping that they would reconsider their decision. 

"Hi , I read your post and I felt compelled to message you. Please do not let anyone steal your peace and above all God loves you. Sometimes we are brought to difficult situations because in the end it makes us better people. I know it is painful. Trust me I have been there, but I could not do that to my children. God will see you through this and bring you out of the darkness. I pray that he comes to you now. God bless and I hope you make it through this difficult time."

I wasn't really sure what to do because I did not want to overstep because they were a childhood friend and we only spoke on Facebook.  I was terribly worried and thought they were just venting and there is no way that anyone would post a suicide note on Facebook.  I silently prayed for them hoping that God would help them out of the darkness, but it was to late they had taken their life.

I felt so sad to know that there was someone out there that had such darkness and desperation that the only alternative was death. I cannot even imagine what that would even look like, but sadly in many cases of suicide the signs go unnoticed and the one question that lurks for the remaining survivors is why.  Usually it is the last person you would ever expect to do it. 

Sadly in this case the signs went unnoticed and their children will now grow up without a father.  Knowing the signs can save someones life so please educate yourselves by visiting the link below.

Where there is darkness there is also light.