Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ugh I Am A Facebook Junkie I need An Intervention

Sorry for the long-winded post, but I just feel compelled to say something and it may enrage you so if it does feel free to remove as a friend I promise I will not get offended. I joined Facebook in 2007 or when ever it was deployed. I was so excited because I could connect with some people in my life that I had not seen nor spoken to for a long time. At first it was great, but now I am plagued with utter disappointment.

There have been so many times I have reached out to the community to simply like a meaningful cause, but they shut me down because a bear rubbing his belly is so much more meaningful of a like or a share.

There are people out there that just want the notoriety a like a share in hopes of being famous. For me I just want people to be people. Yes, it is funny to see a bear rubbing his belly but come on folks. I admit I do read the news feeds daily, but mostly I am disgusted! People pulling at people’s heartstrings posting the most inappropriate crap! Was Facebook not to be a social platform? No people are so consumed with the amount of likes and shares that they will go to any extreme to do so!

I still love my small network and I am not consumed about how many friends I have because it is not the quantity it is the quality that is important. I have liked your page I have supported your business and quite honestly, I have not ulterior motives just your success.

Those who know me probably know that I am a genuine person that does not sugar coat and yea I can be harsh at times but, at least I am honest. I am so utterly blessed to have you in my network and if I could hug you I would. God bless all of you! You are great!

If you have followed me for the last ten years then you know that my family more specifically my mother, father and step father have been plagued with an awful disease called cancer. There are so many people in my network that have been effected by this disease. There are great outcomes and sometimes not so great outcomes, but it does affect us all somehow. I truly hope you never must face this plague we are facing today, but I beg you if it does please do not give your heart to the predators on the internet as I have!  Facebook is one of the worst perpetrators of this social media propaganda.  Facebook is becoming the cancer of social media now.  Why because we have let all of those news feeds consume us and it is a gateway  to explore some horrible alternatives that bear no scientific proof.  I mean I could create a YouTube video proclaiming a cure, but there is always a hidden gimmick or agenda.

Cancer has to be the most daunting word in the English dictionary and sometimes the fear of the unknown can be your biggest demise trust me I know!  Don’t waste your time on searching for a cure, spend your time with your loved one. Yes, it is natural for us to want to heal our loved one, but those predators are stealing your time. I know that there are conspiracy theories out there suggesting there is a cure, but it is kept hidden because it would demolish the medical industry as we know it. Also, suggests that it is a multi billion-dollar industry and so many pharmaceutical companies would be out of business.

At the end of the day how does it affect you personally?  I once met with an oncologist and suggested natural remedies for my loved one. I thought he would have been offended and outraged, but he indicated that is grandfather had colon cancer and explained that he too had explored every option even natural methods, but the outcome was the same.   My own family doctor lost his sister and his mother to cancer.  He explained to me that his sister spent over 1 million dollars experimenting with every source available, but again the outcome was the same.

Just imagine an eighteen-year-old telling their parent that they wanted to be a doctor more specifically an oncologist. Do you think at that age they are brainwashed to believe that they are going to be a part of a cancer conspiracy? Come on please. There are millions of cases in which conventional medicine helps others puts them into remission or even a cure.

I agree there are some agencies out there that advocate for cancer, but don’t offer a single thing but literature and a fancy website.  Anyway, my rant is not about cancer it is about the predators out there pulling on your heart strings. When my mother was ill I had called the all mighty Canadian Cancer Society for assistance and they provided absolutely nothing which is disgusting. They can offer a warm fuzzy voice but that is it. I have called on many occasions and they could offer our family nothing so save your money. Yeah they raise money for cancer research, but less then 10% goes to research.

If you want to help a worth while cause there was one agency that cared in my community. They cared about the patient and the family. Providing wigs, beds, transportation and so many other services. Eighty percent is volunteers yes volunteers. Do you care? Share, like and post the page below.  This is a small test to see.

Cancer Assistance Services

Moral of my story please help admirable organisations get  the likes and shares they deserve.
It does not hurt to do your due diligence before you post, like or share.  Trust me there are people out there wanting to become monetarily famous by pulling at your heartstrings. Mothers actually shaving their child's hair to imply a terminal diagnosis. There is many genuine stories, but equally non genuine.   Sadly their are so many Facebook junkies in need of an intervention.