Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Are you happy with your reflection?

After speaking with you last week I took your advice and thought about it and you were right. I should look inside myself as opposed to others and it was great advice, but since you are so busy giving great advice then I suggest you take it yourself. When I dig down deep I find a compassionate, caring non-judgmental person whom chooses see’s the best in everyone despite their evident flaws.

At first, I thought you were an amazing mentor, someone I could truly look up to, but the more I thought about it the more I realized you were just like many of the immature and unprofessional leaders out there with a huge pay cheque and a very tiny soul . I know it sounds harsh, but a leader should rise up and be able to set aside any personal feelings they may have for others and treat people fairly with respect and dignity.  Instead you choose to behave childishly pounce around the office, avoid others that are not up to your snuff, but what really is your snuff? Unfortunately another mentor I quickly lost respect for. 

Can you honestly wake up each day and be happy with that reflection.? My reflection of you is an unprofessional leader talking about others on your own team suggesting they are bi-polar, and if they don't like it you will give them their marching orders. Clearly a control freak with zero compassion for others or what diversity they may be facing their life. And do not ever offer constructive criticism to an already over inflated ego that could be a CLM. (career limiting move)

Anyone who knows me knows that I recently suffered a loss of a loved one to a debilitating disease. It had such a profound impact in my life and although difficult to explain how it has, you would have to go through it yourself to understand. Since this loss I have become a people watcher more so then ever. For the last twenty years I have managed behaviors, but somehow it is so different now. It may sound hokey but I can sense a negative aura in a heartbeat and it makes the hair on my arm stand on end.   I am not equipped to manage negative behaviors anymore in a corporate setting. I have become to soft and compassionate and I simply cannot throw others under the bus to toot my own horn. Sadly this is how you survive in a corporate setting. You can sit there and say to yourself no not me, but even if your are not engaging in poison with others they are engaging in poison about you. Sorry but it us the truth! Don't be naive like I was.

Yes it is a true blessing to be employed and I have been incredibly blessed in my career, but my love others is more important then my hunger for money now. I know I can't change others or how others perceive me and quite frankly I don't care to. What I can do is change the way I treat others and myself and peacefully lie my head down each at night with a clear conscience. I no longer waste my days in corporate behaviors I am not proud of even if I did not engage the pretentious behaviors daily.  Sadly others mistook my genuine kindness as something else, as If I was not real and I had some ulterior motive.   I have had a consistent target on my back. No longer will I allow this poison to effect me and stealing another moments peace trying understand the cruelty of others.  I just find humor  in it now that others feel threatened by genuine kindness.   These are attributes that get me out of bed each day. Today is the day I will smile, be grateful and help others anyway I can. I look in the mirror each day proud of who I have become.  The good news is if your are not happy with your reflection you can change it in an instant and the beauty of it is you don't even need a pay cheque kindness is absolutely free!