Monday, November 14, 2016

Pushing Out The Parasites

A  piece of driftwood washes ashore.   I can hear the ripple of the waves it is just so incredibly tranquil.  The water is a vivacious colour of blue and it resonates inner solitude. The ecosystem in the water seems serene and the water species coexist peacefully.  Then the reality of life brings me back to a place that sometimes is not so nice. The water is my safe place from all my worries. Endless water is peaceful and soothing and quite honestly at times its much easier to just gaze at the beauty of water then to look at the reality of the humanity of our land. 

My wish is that we could coexist like the species of the sea. There are all sorts of species of many different shapes and sizes that just seem to coexist. Sure, there are always predators and parasites but this is the cycle of life. We as humans also have  a cycle of life, but somehow we seem to have gotten lost along our journey. Our earth is in disarray there are far too many predators and parasites. We are so divided as a nation and we are sometimes ignorant to others with no real reason. Perhaps fear of the unknown or what is to become who knows.

Several months ago, I had started a new job. It seemed like a good opportunity. I had walked away from a crown corporation because the position they had offered at the time was a step down for me. The people there however were wonderful and genuine it was difficult to walk away, but I was eager to lead a new team.

When I joined the new company, I was cautioned that the team had a low morale due to their previous supervisor. Apparently, she was a micro manager and forgot information that had been communicated to her many times. Due to the morale of the team HR was consistently obtaining feedback from the team about my management style. It did feel a little awkward for me because these conversations were discreet and behind my back. I was assured by HR that this was because in the past the team was afraid to provide feedback.

As time went on the team would snicker when I walked by, or after team meetings they would huddle and talk about me. This is called mobbing and it is bullying on steroids. This is when a bully rallies with other coworkers to collude to psychologically cripple their victim. Targets are usually anyone who is “different” from the organizational norm. Usually victims are competent, educated, resilient, outspoken, challenge the status quo, are more empathetic or attractive and tend to be woman.

At first I though I was paranoid, but after I cam back from vacation my paranoia turned to reality. I was called to the HR department so they could offer some feedback. So, while I was away the bullies plotted their attack. The feedback I received was that I was too personable, but was very strong technically. I was shocked, but remained positive because I knew that these bullies were the parasites in the ecosystem. I smiled all the way home and would not allow it to affect me. Being to personable is a strength not a weakness and it spoke about the nature of the team.

I thought about it for two days and then I spontaneously resigned. I had never done that before but felt this sense of satisfaction and gratitude when I did it. As I left I said goodbye to a girl that I chatted with. She was not on the team, but she did tell me that it was a difficult team and they treated the previous manager horribly. She also mentioned that the previous manager had a brain tumor hence the forgetfulness. When the team found out about her health condition they said she was a liar.

Driving home I was happy jobless but happy. No amount of money or monetary security would ever allow me to compromise my values especially to a team of parasites and predators. I did, however have this deep sense of disappointment and felt sorry for those women. The fact that they thought that was acceptable was very sad. I know that the wrongs will right themselves one day and that is good enough for me.

I went on a trip to the beach and gazed over the rippling water and I was at ultimate peace considering the recent course of events.  Ironically two days later I landed a better job, better money and most importantly better people. Despite the parasites and predators we deal with in our lives parasites get eaten and predators get hunted, but if you remain grateful  even during the darkest of times you will be rewarded for your humility.  Trust me I have been there!