Monday, September 26, 2016

A Broken Soul The Road to Reovery

The Gift Within Us: Laughter & Gratitude

Besides going to my trailer I am generally a homebody. A couple of weeks ago I was out for an evening of fun hoping to run into some friends. I am a social person and very much enjoy the company of friends and unconditional laughter. Belly laughter is the best treatment and it warms your soul. Your heart almost feels warm and your eyes are glistening. Laughter true laughter can be the greatest medicine to a tough day and for others too. Some laughter is just so contagious.

While I was out I ran into an old friend. Her life has not always been easy and she has faced immense hardship. She was happy to see me, but I could sense this inner despair within her. Before my intuition of soul despair, this disability used to scare me. I used to run a million miles a second from a troubled soul, but now I try to understand the circumstances that brought them to such a troubled place and really try to understand their bitterness, sorrow, fear and so many other emotions. Difficult to explain, but I feel this is a gift. A true blessing to look at others to see and sense if they are spiritually healthy. These troubled emotions are not only unhealthy to our spirit they are unhealthy to our bodies. You make think that I am crazy, but I truly believe that many illnesses we bring upon ourselves is because of our spiritual unrest.

After watching my folks die of cancer it just really made me wonder and I began to research a little more. Not all cancer is genetic and we all have cancer cells within our bodies what exactly is the trigger? The scientists have been studying disease for hundreds of years and yet they treat the symptoms of the disease and not the disease itself.

When we get sick we pray to be healed and when our prayers are not answered we don’t forgive God. And then the question is, why have you cast this disease upon me and not healed me? It is at these times in times of sickness you have to reach down into your soul and analyze. I cannot tell you how to heal yourself because if I could I would be famous. What I can tell you is to rid yourself of the dirty toxins within your soul. Don’t hate God because he has not answered you. That is what my old friend said to me when I saw her “I hate God.” When I heard that I felt a sense of panic. Not for myself but for her. I tried to console her and not condemn her. Explaining that there was so many things in her life to be grateful for. Do not focus on the wrongs focus on the rights focus on what you have not what you don’t.

As many of you know my journey of life was quite bumpy, but I look at these bumps as a sign of my strength. Sometimes I wonder if this is a test to see if these hiccups will sour me, but I will continue to be grateful as long as I am able to enjoy each day in good health with the love of my family. I have made mistakes along my journey and have never proclaimed perfection. Man there was even some points in my life that I did not feel the laughter in my belly. I was just going through the notions but it was extremely empty fake not real. I never even knew there was such a thing until I felt the true warmth of laughter. It is never too late to be grateful but part of being grateful is also forgiving others. When you are forgiving of others or yourself you have to mean it in your heart because how can you really feel gratitude if you bear resentment or an unforgiving attitude? You just can not do it its impossible and if you think you can then you are fooling yourself. Only you know what is inside of you and only you know how to change it.

I remember along time ago one of my professor’s had said I was a free spirit and I never really understood what he meant until now. The last year has been an eye opener and I have met so many people of great diversity. So many of these strangers had complimented me for my free spirit and positive aura. They said I was a fresh breath of air, but I soon realized that I had touched them and even changed their thought process. Today even someone mentioned that I should be a spiritual healer that was my true calling. I don’t try it just seems to come naturally. I am blessed to have these people step into my life and give them words of hope when they are needing it. This is in my heart and I suppose that my passion for spiritual recovery and health have changed others. Wow who knew that this turbulent ride would take me to such a precious place.

We all have a gifts and dreams inside of us. We have the ability to define our future by our thoughts and our spiritual health. Life is life but at least we have that blessing. Don’t surround yourself with negativity. It is okay to love and forgive negative people, but you do not have to be around them because if you do then you are letting it in. its easy to get discouraged, but know that it is only temporary and there are much greater things in store.

I am a spiritual blogger and specialize apparently in restoring a broken soul. If you are suffering don’t do it alone. I am especially compassionate about cancer and disease. Please send me a line so I can send you some words of encouragement. Remember while you face a difficult journey someone else may suffering greater ones.