Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Evolution of Changing One's Self

A Leopard Can Change

Today has been exceptionally rough for some reason and although I am the pillar of positive we all have rough days and I guess it is just one of those days.  I always try and see the beauty of the world and the beauty of people, but sometimes the vision can be easily clouded. Have you ever just woke up and thought the world is wonderful, but as the day progresses and the negative annotations you embark upon just seem to overwhelming and almost unbearable.

So many times I have been subject to many judgments by others and to be quite frank it really can get to you.  The sad part about it is the people who are casting judgments have no idea what is in your heart or what your intentions are.  My heart is as big as a Mount Everest I only and always have the best intention at heart, but yet some people think I have some underlying motive for my good intentions.  Is it because perhaps people have their own struggles with good intentions?

Some leopards never change their spots, but some do and it can be a difficult feat to prove that.  People in general I believe can be unforgiving and that is a ritual sin. People do change and if you surround yourself around people that have the inability to accept those changes then perhaps it is time to move on.  Move on to today a future where the past is unknown and the present is real and you are accepted for the person you have become.

I suppose there are always those people that are the ultimate pessimists and fail to see that the glass is half full, or they are always suspicious of people’s intentions.  This is what gets me down.  We live in a pretentious world unfortunately.  Humans put on their happy face say what you want them to hear, but two seconds later they cast some form of judgment and unfortunately as I said earlier I am one of those people.

Today I cried, I cried for my best friend because she is no longer here to give me those words of wisdom.  There is no more ”Jennifer who cares what people think you are wonderful, kindhearted and an intelligent person.”  I sometimes feel lost without my friend the one who always cared and never cast judgments, but ironically she shows up when I need her the most.

When I was weeping today missing her I looked up and there was a beautiful red cardinal on the fence.  I knew it was her and I immediately felt comfort.  She came to me to let me know that she is here and she will always be here in my time of despair.  A smile came to my face and the days troubles just seem to disappear because I knew that despite others feeble attempts to kick me down or throw hurdles in my way she would always be here to guide me out with a positive flare and this friend was my mother.

Life is life and as I explained it can be cruel and unfair, but don’t ever succumb to the evilness,, which sometimes it is easy to do.  Never take evilness over good when the circumstances seem grim.  We are human beings and we all have a heart we all have compassion this is what comes naturally.  Follow your heart and life will never steer you in the wrong direction, but only if you allow it too.