Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Destination Gratitude

Over the last several years I have engaged in active listening and observation.  These communication traits have enabled me to be a more descriptive blogger.   There are so many avenues to obtain information now a days.  We are so lucky today to have all of that information at our fingertips.  Whenever there is a debate there is a race to Google to see who is right.  The unknown is no longer unknown.  I wonder is this a good thing?  Some people on the intranet monopolize on other peoples hardships, but my goal is to inspire others to see the world a little different.  Especially if you are a the glass is half empty kind of person.  There is no underlying motivation just to lift someone up who may be down.

If any of you have read posts on my blog you will notice (most of the time) I write about the power of positivity and the profound impact it can have on your life.  I also write about the power of gratitude and the impact that this can have on your life as well.   This thought path really does have an impact on your future.  It is not an easy feat, but a worthwhile one.  Many people indicate that they are positive or grateful, but their worldly actions show otherwise.  I see so many blogs, videos, posts and articles on gratitude, but  rarely do the articles really depict the concept of gratitude.  Most of the time it is a cash grab taking advantage of vulnerable na├»ve people.

The best way for me to describe gratitude is to feel the graciousness in my heart when I awaken.  I am gracious to see another day.  There is an enormous amount to be grateful for.  Simple things like clean clothes, clean drinking water, health and family. Since my heightened communication skills I have seen and heard others proclaim their gratitude, but few really demonstrate or really have an inclination of what the feeling really is.  Because when there is opportune time to complain then they will complain.  Gratitude is within your heart consistently and does not surpass with miniscule events like poor service or unpleasant drivers.  Gratitude is understanding that not everyone has a great day and there may be a reasons that led to that incident.  Gratitude is walking away with a smile and believing and hoping that the other person will have a better day.  Gratitude is better not bitter. Gratitude is forgiving and not holding grudges.

In so many of my observations I have heard others say they are grateful, but they are mean, distrusting, gossiping,  and disrespectful towards others. This drives me absolutely insane because they are convinced they are grateful and positive. Perhaps to ease their conscience, but by no means is this a grateful nor positive attitude.   Some people artificially believe they are positive so that they may come into some huge windfall, but deep within their subconscious there is that voice that says you are not truly grateful and positive and think what crisis will happen to me next. 

Gratitude and positivity doesn’t just come because you say so.  Gratitude and positivity is a way of life every day all day.  You breathe, eat and sleep gratitude.  It’s not a simple as saying I am grateful today.  Actions must demonstrate the thought and as I said earlier this is a difficult feat.   I have seen so many people fall victim to literature, blogs and movies on the power of positivity and how it can immediately change your life.  This is a consistent life changing endeavor and it so easy to fall off the wagon as negative thoughts enter your mind constantly.  Keep persevering and believing, and you will notice a few less negative thoughts each day.  When your heart balloons with happiness each day all day then you have reached the gratitude destination.

Here is a cute little video to remind  you to be grateful for the simple things enjoy!