Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Envision The Harvest

Taking Root in Your Life

When you harvest a garden or a crop you expect your seeds to prosper into a beautiful harvest.  You are waiting in anticipation of the perfect harvest, but soon see that the harvest is riddled with weeds even though you have done everything right.  You have provided the water, soil and the perfect climate and the weeds spring up anyway.

The above metaphor can relate to our day to day lives.  We can go about our days doing the right thing being good to others, but obstacles keep coming.  Similar to the weeds in our harvest we have to know that these obstacles will pass in our lives if we remain faithful and encouraged.  If we let the weeds manifest in our lives, then our crop will never harvest.

I have seen to many times the weeds take root and overcome the crop because the disappointment or obstacles consume us.   Keep positive and hopeful and take faith in knowing that the ultimate harvest is coming your way.

Currently my pasture is flourishing and there is a few weeds taking root.   To many times I have obsessed about these weeds despite the fact that I know the crop is much greater.  It is so much easier to focus on the weeds and let them consume us, but if you focus on an abundant harvest then the harvest will choke out the weeds.  Spend time on the harvest and not on the weeds as weeds manifest and grow and will eventually take over your crop. 

Whatever obstacles you are facing today know that they are only temporary and they will pass.  No garden is free of weeds and it requires some work to extinguish them.  But if you continue to sow and reap the harvest the weeds will eventually die.

Today is a new day; do not get discouraged place your energy in the good and positive.   Stay hopeful watch and see the harvest come to pass.    What does your crop look like today?  You have the ability to change it!