Monday, June 13, 2016

Living a Life Without Strife

Your Life Will Acquire A Windfall Without Strife

Are you living a life with strife?  Strife: Angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues; conflict.   It is so easy to allow strife into our lives when things don’t go our way.   Someone may cut you off on the highway and you may feel strife towards the other driver, but the driver that cut you off may be dealing with their own hardships.  They could have a sick loved one at home.  We generally do not know the circumstances of others and what is going in their lives.  The moment we allow strife into our life and our heart is the moment the negativity enters into our immediate future. 

Over the course of my life I allowed strife into my life many times and it was until years later all of that strife unraveled right in front of me.  I can guarantee you that if you wish ill will or negative thoughts onto others it will come back to you in the same form.  I cringe now when I hear people say I hope that guy’s toes fall off because I just know how powerful those negative thoughts can be and what they can do to a person.  Years later you may break your toe, or even worse lose your toe. It will come back one way or another some of us will get it and sadly some us never will.

There are so many people in our world that are perpetual complainers.  They are not happy unless they are complaining about something.  Complaining about the horrible customer service they received, or how the boss was a jerk only to them.   They are constantly a victim and these circumstances seem to only happen to them.  Why is that I always end up with the short end of the stick?  If you keep thinking that way then you will always end up with the tail end of the stick.  We all have bad breaks and sometimes life just does not go according to our plan, but if it was up to us then we would never face diversity in our lives.  Life would be perfect for all of us, but that is not the world we live in unfortunately.

It is how we face the diversity in our lives that define our future.  We need to know that we are not alone and we are not the only ones that face diversity.  There is no need to become angry, bitter and expel strife towards others.   It is real
ly not up for us to right the wrongs and seek vengeance.   We may feel some sense of immediate satisfaction in doing so, but in the end we are only bringing more negativity back to our lives.   It is okay to be upset, angry and disappointed, however we have to know that this is just temporary and if we believe that God has brought us to the hardship for his own reasons he will also take us out of the hardship greater and stronger.   

You see I had some serious doubts about all of this as I had immense strife in my life before.  I wanted vengeance and I was very good at seeking it, but I wanted to test this theory, the Bible theory as nothing was working.  Ultimately the t.heory states that it is not up for us to right the wrongs.  If someone wrongs you let it go I guarantee you will see the wrongs right themselves.  It is somewhat miraculous how it can happen if you just believe and the best part about it all is you do not have to do a thing.   I changed my belief system and I started seeking out God.  I studied his word and his advice.  Knowing that I was not completely perfect and I sinned occasionally, but I repent and knew I was forgiven.

What I have learned, continue to learn and will always learn is that the words of the Bible are both inspiring and loving if you allow yourself to believe it.  It is all how you interpret the words and how these words can have significant guidance in your life.  Especially through troubling times. Sometimes these words will be the only mechanism to survive that hardship. They certainly helped me in one of the most difficult journey’s I embarked upon.  I know that I will face diversity again, but I know that I will come out of stronger wiser and with great prosperity.  Sometimes I believe I am being tested and it is dependent on how I handle these hardships that will predispose my future.

There are the atheists or bible haters out there in the world that would argue my beliefs, but at the end the day it really doesn’t bother me what others think because I try very hard to just not to rebuttal and let it be.  As I said there is no wrong no right just an opinion that is all and it is not up to us to argue others opinions.  I do know that since I have been studying the bible I have had a sense of peace inside that I cannot even verbalize.  I suppose heavenly would the best way to describe it.  Life is not always a smooth sail along the waters and the process to solitude is evolving slowly, but it is evolving nonetheless.  I am so much more peaceful letting most things go. 

What I have learned recently is to let go of the negative influences in my life and move on.  There is no harm saying goodbye to the negative people or circumstances.  Trust me you will be better off and you will notice an immediate liberation in your life.  Unfortunately the negative people seldom see the good in the world. They are too focused on the bad. Rid your life of this conduct because as soon as you cross over to the gratitude side your life will begin to change in many ways.  It is not an easy battle to overcome because our natural tendency is to revert back to old behaviors.  It takes work, but the windfall is worth the effort trust me.