Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Extinguish the" Why Me" in Your Life

Faith Over Circumstances

Have you ever sat and pondered to yourself why?  Why does this continue to happen I mean I am a good person?  I am humble and kind to others why is it I just can't catch a break?  Why is it that others always seem to get all of the breaks?  The question why is probably the most frustrating question because some of us will never truly get the answer and some of us will spend the rest of our lives trying to figure it out or analyzing the circumstances.

One thing I have learned in my life is that you just have to accept the circumstances and know that the answers will not necessarily land on your lap.  Sometimes you have to embrace the hardships believing that the best is yet to come.  For some this will be difficult endeavor because it is so easy to let life control the now. We get caught up in the now and we perpetuate more negative thoughts.  The more we perpetuate the more we bring negative events to our lives, however this is not always the case.

You could be in the prime of your life and you could have all of the worldly blessings, but in an instance things can change.  Instinctively our thought will take us to the why, but that is when we have to believe that these hardships are only temporary.  I know this may be difficult and at these times is when your faith is truly tested.  It is natural to question your faith in troubled times, but I guarantee that these times are only temporary and if you believe this in your heart then blessings are on the way. 

Both of my parents died young of cancer and ironically it wasn’t until it spread to their brain we knew.  Yes that is right in both of my parents it spread to the brain.  More recently when my mother was diagnosed it was a dark time and the natural thought was why?  No God would do this right?  I truly did not understand and I was caught up in the why for some time. It just did not make sense. I quickly learned that I had to restore my faith that I had moved away from. Life was going great and in a moment it changed.  And I was an example of bad things happening to good people.   So many nights I pondered and when something this life changing happens in your life you tend to just reflect.

So I decided to change my thoughts and although the circumstances were grim I had to believe that this hardship was meant to strengthen me and that I would be blessed double for the trouble.  I know there are some people that think I am crazy and so are my beliefs, but because of my beliefs I have been blessed to have subtle interactions with my mother’s spirit. This has given me a sense of solitude that I cannot even put into words.  The unfortunate thing is if you don’t believe then you will not likely have interactions with your loved ones that have departed earth. (See the link below for signs of your loved ones)  If  I did not have my faith and spirituality I am not sure I would have overcome this! Knowing she is here is a gift.

Why is it when we are in a state of disarray we cry out to God and hope for a miracle, but when our life is going great we don’t?  So many people I have brushed up against in the last year thinks that I am some born again Christian, which I may be, but how many of you have prayed to God in times of need?  I am sure many!  The only difference is I pray now in good and bad.  I thank God for my blessings and believe that he is paving a very bright future.  I am grateful to have God in my heart in the good and the bad and there is no harm to say thank you instead of always asking for something.  God means something different to many of us, but just because I vocalize my faith does not mean I am crazy it means I believe in something!