Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Road of Hardship That Lead to Flourishment

A Naked Tree Blossoms

Everyone experiences difficulty in life and we all face trials and tribulations.  So many times we get stuck on the now and the why and we are not able to move forward and change our thinking.  God would not put us into a situation if he did not want for us to come out of it bigger and better.   We have to have that trust in our hearts that he has a divine plan for us.

I know some of you may be in a terrible state of mind currently.  You may have lost a loved one, lost a job, fighting an illness or about to lose your business.  It is easy to go sideways move away from your beliefs dwell upon everything that seems to be going wrong in your life.  You have to rise up to a higher place and see the bigger picture that your destiny has in store for you.  If you lose trust and faith then you will remain in the rut you are in now.  Believe that your circumstances will change and the God has a plan for you to prosper.  Once you change your thoughts your change your outcome. 

Sometimes even though you cry out for God’s help you may not receive the help instantly, but be patient and know that you will weather the storm soon and during these dark moments remember to remain humble and kind.  Sometimes these troubling times are a test of our faith and how we react to this difficulty.

Anyone who knows me knows that 2015 was a very difficult year for me in fact I think it may have been the most difficult dark time in my life.  I had always prided myself as a strong faithful person.  I often bragged about my strength and that any situation that was thrown at me I could handle, but I guess I was not as strong as I boasted about.  I was confused, angry and feeling overwhelmingly helpless.  My mother was dying and I had lost my job.  This was a difficult cookie to swallow.

Have you ever been swimming and playing and someone keeps dunking your head under the water and you are fighting for air? This is how I felt, eventually the horseplay ends and you are able to breath safely again and all is well, but for me I just could not seem to get any air. This went on for some time, but then I realized something.   During this difficulty I had lost my faith something so dear to my heart.  I cried out and when I restored my faith I was able to breathe again.  I do admit it did take some time, but when I made that mind shift I knew that I would get through this.  I knew that I would have guidance and I knew that I would flourish. 

I know others struggle with this optimism when the situation seems beak, but after almost a year later, from a very bleak situation  I am no longer a naked lonely tree. The buds are healthier than ever and are full of bloom.  The tree is breathtakingly gorgeous and so is my life. I am forever grateful that I shifted my thoughts and believed I would flourish.  It is so easy to get caught up in the now and the why, but if we consume our thoughts with these thoughts then we will remain in that bleak situation.

Trust in yourself and God and know that he is there to carry you out of the storm. Believe that you are going to come out of this better and not bitter.   Just remember when you call on Him he will always be with you and will be preparing for you a pasture of flourishment.