Monday, January 18, 2016

Good Versus Evil

Can We Not Focus on the Good?

I rarely rant on social media, but over the past few weeks I have digested a lot of social media coverage and rants of the recent ISIS attacks. Some of it is so unspeakable it makes me want to hurl.   TV coverage is no longer the means to harbor hatred social media is. Terrorism is a cowardly act of humanity, but how are we any better by harboring the same hatred, bigotry and racism?  The simple word for it is ignorance. What do I mean by that?  People who have zero knowledge of other religions or cultures, but are the first to be bigots and racists.  I am a Christian proud of it, but I know of the Quran.  A good Christian does not judge others or others beliefs. My advice to those who have strong opinions is to read and study the bible because that was not the way of Jesus.  Recently there was a YouTube video of Christians supposedly reading the Quran, however it was really the Bible and they did not even know. 

Wake up and look around our world is destructing piece by piece.  Natural disasters are on the rise and it is not just a coincidence.  Google the stats you will find it alarming about 28,400,000 results.  The world is becoming more evil; millions of refugees are in refugee camps, millions of others are suffering famine and so much more. We can stop the evilness.  ISIS is a group of people whom have been brainwashed and by no way represents the culture of the world!  What these terrorists have done is embedded fear into our hearts and our heads.   So naturally we look at people suspiciously because we are fearful.  I have to admit I have even done that recently.  Then I was disappointed that I would be suspecting of someone not deserving of my fear.  So the fear just escalates from one to another. 

I witness it every day on the train.   I see the fear in the Muslims eyes because they fear retribution for their Islamic beliefs.  I see fear of all others whom do not share those Islamic beliefs. We are allowing and giving power to them. We need to live our lives without hatred, fear and evil and restore our world to kindness.  This post by no means is to minimize those precious lives that have been lost and to all of those suffering their losses.  May those affected find the strength and courage to heal.  Mankind is precious in every country and every culture regardless of the circumstances. Harboring hatred is cowardly, however to possess kindness is to possess courage.

Instead of focusing on all of the evilness in the world start by focusing on the all of the kindness that is out there!  This is what the media is guilty of.   The reporters are so hungry to get their story, and then share their story, never really having to deal with their own aftermath.  These thirsty reporters or human media predators should spend more of their focus on kindness and not evilness, but believe it or not evil sells. Turn off the News, Facebook, Twitter and all others!  If you cannot shut it off.  Then shut your opinions off and say something kind!
The new term is paying it forward.  So pay it forward at least once a day and that does not entail something monetary.  It could be something as easy as a smile. Let’s do this one smile at a time.  I am witness that it does have a positive impact on others.

Romans 12:21
21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.