Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hiccups In Life

The life we live on earth can be pretty hectic and stressful.  We tend to be in a rush were ever we go. We become impatient when we have to stand in a long line when shopping.  We sometimes take out our frustrations and impatience on the innocent customer service representative. The repercussion of this impatience affects not only just you, but all others who cross your impatient path. This negative aura follows you and has left a stream of  many impatient people in your destructive path.  This is our world, this is how many of us live.

On my commute to work I listen and observe others on the train.  Some seem happy, but the vast majority have developed frown lines of impatience and stress.  Very little seem content, at least on the commute. I often ponder why is this so?  Perhaps they are suffering a hardship, but then I think how can so many people possibly be suffering hardship.   Sometimes I just want to scream" Can you please be grateful? Why do you have to be so angry and abrupt." You have one more second, one more minute one more hour and one more day.  I would love to have another day with my hero my mother whom has parted earth.  I  am sure that my  happiness, zest for life and grateful demeanor irritates the  angry commuter which is very sad to me.

I have encountered some unbearable hardship throughout and more recently, yet instead of taking the high road to anger I choose to appreciate the simple blessing of more time or the freedom in our country.  Bitterness, anger and blame seem to be an easy scapegoat when your life is not going the way you want it  There are millions of refugees in our world that would be simply happy of having one minute of peace and freedom. They have fled their homes with nothing and can no longer have conversation with their neighbors. Everything they have worked for and lived for is gone. We are so spoiled that we have forgotten simple fundamental blessings.  People's time seems to be more valuable then freedom, a warm home and simple conversation with your neighbor.

Life will have hiccups along the way and  how we deal with these hiccups predispose our future. Hanging on to your anger or taking your anger and frustration out on others is not going to give you any harmony or peace in your life.  You are going to continue to bring negativity in your life. Similarly, the company we keep can also dictate our destiny.  If you surround yourself with negative people then the negativity will spill into your life.

We need to handle our hardships with grace and know that the most high, God, is with us through our troubling times. Sometimes you just need to ask for guidance to deal with this hardship with elegance and grace. This does not make you weak it makes you human. Test yourself for one day. When a negative thought comes your way push it out with a pleasant thought of gratitude. each day it will be easier and eventually you will notice the negative thoughts come less frequently. You will enjoy a happier peaceful existence which tends to be contagious to others.