Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Gift of True Happiness

In Search of a Happy Heart

Over the last year I have evaluated my life and my previous transgressions and knew that there had to be a change.  I really needed to remove the mask and stop pretending like my life was a bowl of cherries when in fact I was dealing with some pretty toxic emotions.  Others would perceive me as happy go lucky, but they could not see what was truly in my heart.  I was good at wearing a mask of false emotion. I was not truly looking in my heart and evaluating what it took to make me happy.

This year brought some traumatic events and there were times that I was consumed with deep sorrow. My heart felt broken and I was not sure how to mend my heart. It is reasonable to feel loss and sorrow when you lose a loved one, but it was more than that.

I carried around bitterness, unforgiving, jealousy, strife, judgments and always felt some uncontrollable need to seek revenge on others who had wronged me. I would contemplate and conspire how I would get them back.  Although the outer me seemed happy the inner me was absolutely miserable and despite my many attempts to be happy inside, the other poisonous emotions would push the happiness out.

Then I wondered how many others were also wearing a false mask of emotion. I mean it seemed so easy to pretend to be happy. I thought what does happiness feel like? Sad to say I know. There would be times I would be at a social gathering and I would be happy in that moment, but I honestly did not know what true happiness was, and wondered if I would ever know. This was so troubling to me that I decided to pursue a mission of happiness and how to truly feel happiness in my heart.

Along my mission I was able to finally identify what true happiness was and have been working diligently to keep my heart happy.  The points below helped
  • Letting it go. Not allowing people or situations to get to me.
  • Focusing on the good and not the bad.
  • Forgiving others
  • Not to judge others
  • Trust in God he will take me out of troubled times and he will take care of my enemies it is not up to me too.
  • From the moment I open my eyes blessed to have lived another day, and that I can see the day!

Granted it takes work and perseverance and it is so easy to revert back and I have had a few setbacks but I can actually see the rewards of my discipline.  To give you an example I recently lost my job (which was a blessing) and had three interviews for three top firms in Canada. Two of the firms I was not warm and fuzzy about, but the other was a dream.  All of the interviews went well, but I had not received a call back.  I became discouraged but as quickly as I became discouraged I meditated and switched my thinking. Two hours later the dream prospect job had emailed me.  So it proves that if you place your trust in God he will help you prosper.

I now know what happiness in the heart feels like and it is a wonderful powerful emotion. Much more power than the negative.  It also has a much stronger force than the alternative.