Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trusting God in Troubled Times

I have Fallen God Rose me Up!

I have fallen down and have had great difficulty to stand up on my own two feet again.  Each time I stand my knees are weak and my legs shake and I fall once again. This is actually a metaphor to my life right now. I have fallen on hard times probably one of the most difficult journeys to date. I have lost my best friend, my mentor (my mother), my dog has fallen ill and has lost his sight and more recently I lost my job.

Now I could choose to live in a constant state of pity and play the poor me trump card, which quite honestly is very easy to do given the circumstance.  I had succumbed to this poison for a number of months continuously asking the questions why God why? I sank into a depression and could not imagine a future of happiness. I mean why does this garbage keep happening and what is the purpose of this?

The only answer that I could come up with is it is a test of my faith and my commitment towards God.  There is a popular saying “God will only give you what you can handle.”  I cried out to him and pleaded no more please I cannot handle anymore.  Although I pleaded to him, unfortunate events continued to happen.  I thought to myself I am a good Christian and I am so not deserving of this hardship. I have often heard that bad things happen to bad people, but this is one of the most untrue statements.  Bad things actually do happen to good people.  These unfortunate events in our lives happen to all of us at some point.  There is no such thing as smooth sailing through life.

The light finally turned on!  What I have learned throughout my difficult times is how we handle the hardship.  We can ultimately control the outcome of our demise.  I realized that God sometimes sends us on a journey that may cause hardship, but as long as we put our trust in him he will guide us out of troubled waters and lead us into a more fruitful life all we have to do is ask for is guidance.

God does not want see his children suffer he loves them unconditionally and he can take you out of every situation if you place your trust into him. The problem is sometimes we are so focused on the stresses in our lives we do not count our blessings.  We forget to see what is right in front of our eyes. We are so focused on our own misery, which is very easy to do, and live in a consistent sate of negativity.  The problem is negativity breeds negativity and this will manifest in your life.  It is how we face these difficulties that can make the difference in our outcome.  We have to be poised and humble and know that this is life and things do not always go according to plan.  God has a plan for us and he can bring us out of any storm as long as we have the faith in him.

One of my many blessings is my intuition towards humans.  I have been cast many of judgements lately during my grieving process. I had succumbed to the poison and wanted to vindicate those who judged me, but thankfully God pulled me out of the wreckage and quickly reminded me that he is the only one that can cast judgements and he will vindicate. Those who cast judgements upon others will cast judgements upon themselves.

God has picked up his broken child and he has taken me on a path to healing, forgiveness and gratitude. I trust that he has plan for me to prosper and he will give me a life full of abundance because I have put my trust into him.  I await in joy because God has a plan for me!

Psalm 34:17
17: The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them: he delivers them form all of their troubles.

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