Sunday, October 4, 2015

Divine Intervention True Tale of Afterlife Communication

Dad Deliver's  A Message From The Other Side

For all of you non-believers in divine intervention this read is a must.  It may forever alter your opinion restore your faith and give you the ultimate hope that indeed there is an afterlife and they can absolutely send us messages from our universe.

About the second week of December 2014 I was compiling a Christmas photo album to capture years gone by remembering departed and present family members.  I was ruffling through my grandmother and fathers photos to add the album.  Upon returning the photos I did not require I went to put them away in the spare bedroom where they were stored.  I had noticed two pieces of paper lying on the floor.   I proceeded to pick them up and was very perplexed at my findings. One piece of paper was a lottery slip from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  This was my grandmother’s birthplace and two years prior to her death she had visited her home town.  The next piece of paper was lottery paper with my father’s handwriting whom passed away in January 2000.

 I had been is possession of these photos for approximately fifteen years after my father passed and had been through them dozens of times over the past fifteen years.  I had even lent them to my brother to share with his family for a couple of years. These pieces of paper were never seen ever by me.

I was a little freaked out and proceeded downstairs to show them to my husband.  I thought that this was a sign that we were going to win the lottery so I was elated.  We proceeded to play the numbers in hopes of a huge windfall.  I shared my findings in December with friends and family.  My sister in law had mentioned someone could be telling me something.  My response was yes we are going to win the lottery. 

On December 27th my mother was admitted into the hospital and that is when the battle began.  I never gave much thought to my findings in early December, but continued to play the numbers throughout my mother’s illness.  After one of the most courageous battles her fight ended July 23, 2015.  I was telling my mother in law about the pieces of paper I had found in December and she said go get them let’s take a look. 

The first piece of lottery paper had my name Jennifer, 7 1/2 -8 and a phone number 237-3727.   The first three numbers of the phone number equate to the day and month my mother passed. my mothers battle lasted a little less the 7 1/2 months. The second lottery slip was 7, 23, 19, and 48. The date and month of my mother’s departure and 1948 the year my mother was born.  A coincidence? Maybe, but I firmly believe this was a message from my grandmother and father.  This is a divine intervention and proof that we are indeed sent messages from the departed.  I know there are still non- believer’s after my story so the pictures are below. I did not fabricate this as there is absolutely no benefit for to me to do so.

 There is absolutely no scientific explanation of this event so to all you non-believers the proof is in the pudding.