Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dying, Suffering & Death : An Inspiring Story of Courage and Faith

Until We Meet Again in Heaven

As I sit by mother’s bedside and watch her flesh and bone weaken from the cancer I see her spirit and soul gleaming through.  When she sleeps she looks angelic and peaceful and although I do the question the suffering from time to time.  I am quickly reminded that from the moment we are born we begin to die.

Death is never an easy subject to talk about, however each of us will have to embark on this journey. Death is the fear of the unknown as there is a tremendous universe out there and we may not know where that path will lead us.  It can be very scary for some, especially the ones whom are preparing for a new voyage to a life unknown.  Some people have guilt, shame and regrets throughout life’s journey.  Some are frightened of pain, or dying alone.  Some people question God and Jesus or have moved away from their beliefs and believe that they are not going to heaven or the celestial place.  It is never too late to restore your faith in God or Jesus.  Our Father in heaven is forgiving and he is waiting to bring us to his kingdom.  A kingdom where no suffering nor pain resides.  And although I have not been there I truly believe that as there is a purpose to our birth as there is to our death.
We have heard many times that God has a plan for each of us, and it is easy to sometimes question his motives. 

More recently I have questioned why?  Why does my mother have to suffer so?  What is the rationale to this?  The only solace I have is that Jesus suffered an agonizing and brutal death with his family as onlookers.  No different than we endure here on earth today.  Whether it is disease, or some other traumatic event that causes death we all be given the strength from our heavenly father if we ask him.

Each day I have been blessed with incredible strength because I have prayed for it.  It is heartbreaking to see a loved one die, but we must believe that we will be given the strength to get through it. I have learned over the course of my life that death is a natural part of our life.

My father’s sister drowned at the age of nine.  I once had asked the Father of my church,“Why would God take small children?  No God would take small children.”  As I am sure many of you have asked from time to time.  His response was, “Heaven should not be filled with just the old.   Heaven should be filled with all ages.  We don’t always understand why this happens, but sometimes a death of one child may cause the birth of ten.   You see Jennifer there was a neighborhood in which all young couples lived, there was only one family with a child.  That one child died of cancer, and others in the neighborhood grieved the loss of the small child.  They had realized that being successful and owning all of the material belongings was no longer important.  A few years’ later six children were born as a result of the tragedy.”

Many of my loved ones have passed over to the other side to see their loved ones that are waiting for them in heaven.  I have witnessed them reaching out for them.  As my mother is getting closer to be with her family I have comfort in knowing that Jesus will be holding her hand and taking her on an unforgettable journey. 

For any of you that are facing a similar fate don’t forget you have the courage and strength if you ask for Gods help. Wherever our loved ones go they are happy because they never come back.  Although the time is drawing near and I will not be able to stroke my mother’s head or kiss her I know she will be happy.   The memories will always remain in my heart it is not ever goodbye, but until we meet again.

Biblical Scriptures on Dying