Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gratitude Will Change Your Life! Read This Story and See for Yourself!

Blame and Complain or Live and Forgive?

As I was sitting outside enjoying the beauty of the sunshine and the heavenly earth we live on,  I close my eyes and absorb the beautiful rays of the sun.  As my eyes are closed I thank our father our Lord for the many blessings that are in my life.  I understand that, that life is not always an easy path and also understand that the path of troubles lead us into better times if we trust that God will guide us through them.

As my eyes were closed and I was counting my blessings I heard two gentlemen at the corner driving expressing road rage.  One gentlemen had said fu.. you, you fuc...goof you just did a u turn.  I immediately got up from meditating and looked at the two.  I was feeling bad for them both as they obviously have no idea what it is like to be grateful.  I mean the world we live in today can be somewhat troublesome.  We gripe and complain about everything, but yet we live in a civilization in which we have everything.   There are woman in the eastern cultures that are not even aloud to bear their face or they will be shot. There are people in the world that are starving, praying for food and fresh water and we complain when there is a water ban and we cannot water our grass.  I mean really?  What have we become?

We complain about the grey hair we have, but yet a cancer patient would love to have hair.  We complain about running out of gas or a flat tire and that we have to walk to the gas station, but again we have legs to walk there.  We complain about our jobs but there is someone who has been unemployed for years praying for a job.  We bear jealousy for others, but we do not look at we have and what they don’t.  We may be able to have children, but there are many people that are not able to conceive.  We live in a society where we constantly complain.  We sue corporations if our coffee is too hot, and win like really what kind of world do we live in?

This should not be our path nor our journey.   We are to speak the words of the Lord and not be jealous towards others.   We are too love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  Before we speak we should actually think about what we are saying, is it kind?  If not, there may be a time in which we should keep our opinions to ourselves.  In every hardship we encounter there is at least one blessing we can embrace.  Remember that blessing before you speak  ill towards others

I never used to believe in this, but I have seen the changes in my life when I jumped over to gratitude and the words of the Lord.  You see what we don’t understand is that the scripture is about kindness and spreading good deeds,  and not being judgmental, but to serving the Lord and living by his kind words.  My life has not always been a cake walk and I know that whatever happens in my life I will be kind and forgiving.  I will be grateful for the many things we have and not take them for granted.  I think if at least half of the world could adopt this mentality then we would live in a much better place.

I challenge you to wake up tomorrow and be kind and be grateful. Push any negative thoughts away.  It is not as easy for all of us and it will take some discipline, but I guarantee you will see the fruit of your perseverance.  Each day we face some kind of negative thought, but we have to understand that this is the work of our enemy and is a temptation of our will.  Jesus was tempted for forty days in the desert by the devil and not once did he succumb to the temptation.  Try it for twenty-four hours and see how uplifting it can be.  It is easier to blame and complain, but takes true strength to count our blessings.