Monday, June 1, 2015

A Bump in the Road of Life

As I face one the most turbulent times of my life I choose to look at it as a bump in the road along my journey of life.  These bumps in the road are intended to build our spirit and our soul and if we were to encounter our lives without any bumps we would never flourish our spirit or our souls.

We can easily get caught up in the why me syndrome and this mindset.  This thought process will never allow us to flourish.  Each and every one of us have encountered bumps along the way of life.  Whether it be losing a loved one, losing our jobs, disappointment from our children, or financial difficulty this list goes on and on.  When we face these trials in our lives it is very easy to get caught up in the moment and focus on our grief.  We must remember that something good is meant to happen and although we do not see it immediately it does come to life eventually.

When my father passed it was one of the most difficult journeys for me.  I was bitter and angry I consistently focused on the why me syndrome and this lasted for several months. Then one day I woke up and said enough. The moment I changed my mind set was the moment my life began to flourish.  I received a promotion at work, purchased a new home and a new car.  This was God’s plan.  You see he is always there to guide you if you let him, and these bumps along the way are intended to strengthen us.

To put in greater perspective when you prune a fruit tree you cut away the branches of a tree. Although you are cutting away the branches you begin to see more fruit flourish on the tree.  Similar to what happens in our lives. The bumps are the branches being clipped away in order for us to flourish.  

As I embark on another difficult journey in my life watching my mother weaken with cancer and troubles with my career I know that this is another bump along the way, another branch being clipped away.  Although it is extremely difficult I have to believe that God is preparing me for a more fruitful life.

Just remember that you are not unique and you are not being punished.  Sometimes it may feel there are more bumps then you can handle, but you must believe that there is a plan for you to flourish.