Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother Nature Rears its Ugly Head Are We To Blame?

From the moment I awaken I am grateful to have opened my eyes.  I lie silently for a few moments and remind myself of the many things to be grateful for.   Something as simple as a bird whistling in the morning is a comforting pleasure.   I am grateful for the abundance of life forms and the wonderful landscapes that surround our planet earth.

Our planet is dying slowly and our children or grandchildren may never see the beauty of our earth.   Regularly  there are natural acts of disaster that have devastating effects on our earth.  I have often pondered why is this so?  Why are innocent lives taken?  How do these disasters affect our ecosystem and are they meant to happen to restore the stability of the earth?    I have even heard others say these acts are necessary to sustain our population, which I strongly disagree.

We as humans have taken our earth for granted we toss stuff out our windows,  pour toxic chemicals down the sink, oil spills in the ocean there are to many to list.  When it boils down to it the majority of this destruction is all in the face of greed and our earth is the victim to this greed.  Why can’t we see this?, because our need for money is greater than our need to breathe clean air.

 It is prophesized that our world will end from many acts of natural disasters.   From what I have witnessed over the last 20 years it appears to be the case.   Google it you may be astonished.  Perhaps that is why Mother Nature rears its ugly head by way of disaster.  A subtle hint to stop destroying the world we live in. 

You see if you dissect the word humankind, kind is the last word.   Kind there has to be some meaning to that.   The definition: of a good or benevolent nature or disposition, as a person; indulgent, considerate, or helpful; humane.   Many of us have forgotten to be kind hence the destruction.  Is this a warning to us to be kind to our planet?   As we consume our lives with greed and hatred humankind will be wiped out and then what will we call ourselves?  You guessed it extinct like many species already.  So breed humankind and not humanhate.