Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dying of Thirst

We live on a planet in which we as humans thrive to survive.  We need to eat so we do not suffer from starvation.  We need to drink water to prevent dehydration.   We need to sleep so we do not suffer from exhaustion or delirium and we need shelter to protect us from the elements.
Although we go about our daily lives many of us take the simple things for granted such as clean drinking water, an abundance of food, shelter and so much more.  You see most of us feel this is an entitlement because we have never had to go without the basic necessities of life yet there are so many in this world living without it.

There are many humans in our world that do not even know what fresh clean drinking water is, but yet we in modern civilization are so worried about clean water that we consume water out of plastic bottles in fear that our drinking water may be contaminated.  Have you ever thought about not even being able to drink clean water?  No, you drink out of your plastic bottle polluting the environment while others in our world are coupling their hands together in a murky stream just to have the simple pleasure of satisfying their thirst.  Why do we continuously take for granted something as simple as clean water?

Are we just to blind to see, or are we just so na├»ve and selfish?  Do we have to lose the many things we take for granted in order to appreciate what we are so blessed to have?  It is troubling what we have become living our day to day.  Is this the way we are supposed to be? The next time you take a drink of water and dump   it down the drain remember that there are so many people in our world in need for clean drinking water and are literally dying of thirst.