Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Gift of Life: The Glass is Half Full not Empty!

Each of us in life embark on a different journey or path and once that path has completed or we completed what we are here to do, then we move on we die. Death is something none of us want to think of, but it is part of our life and if you are spiritually healthy and have your faith you will view death as a beginning and not an end.

Life has taken me thus far on an unforgettable journey. This journey has taught me many important things and has taken me on a path of faith and spirituality. One of which after reading this blog some will be truly perplexed as to how I could still have faith after the many challenges and journey’s I have embarked upon.

The story of my survival absolutely has to do with my faith in Jesus Christ and his father we call god because without their continuous belief in me and my belief in them I would have shattered or ended up institutionalized by now.

My journey has taken me through unforgivable acts of abuse, financial hardship, disease and loss. And through all of this I have still remained positive and spiritually healthy. I believe my new path in life is to share my journey with others so that they may restore their faith in whatever they believe in or have started to lose hope or have lost hope all together. To look at life as a precious gift and that the glass is half full and not half empty. By understanding and truly believing that we have the power to send out in to the universe what we receive.

I have witnessed such unbelievable events along my journey we call life, which no amount of science can explain. Only the acts of our god can explain and the love I have bared for him since a young child that was abused. I often hear what kind of god would do that? Why would god let small children suffer from disease and death? Why do bad things happen to good people? I have come to realize that through our journey we may never completely have the answers to these questions and that could be perhaps the most perplexing thing in our lives to accept. I have now started to accept that there may not answers to some of the events of our lives and that is okay too. We just have to accept that we may never receive the answers and have the inner peace to accept that.