Sunday, October 4, 2015

Terminal Lung Cancer - The Ugly Side of Medicine

An Unforgettable Journey  Terminal Lung Cancer: Hope Through our Healer Jesus

First of all I have nothing to gain from telling you this dirty truth and the journey I have been on with Cancer.  You see it started over 18 years ago when I lost my grandmother, my father and my step father to the disease.  Now my mother has fourth stage lung cancer with brain mets.  There is so much information out there  and so many people suffering with this disease or caring for loved ones with the disease I have to tell you my recent truth and warning it may disturb some.

She was having headaches prior to Christmas and yes I am a Christian so if you do not believe in the Christian faith then this may not be for you.  On December 27, 2014 my mother went to the hospital as the headaches were unbearable. Our worst fear was confirmed multiple brain tumours.  At that time the doctor had indicated that she was not responding to the medication and would we like to put her on a ventilator.  I thought this was crazy because she was driving that morning.

It all happened so quickly but yet very slowly to receive any results from the doctor’s.   That dreaded day in January when the pathology report came in stage four lung cancer with brain mets.  According to the doctors there was nothing they could do as they do not offer a cure for terminal patients.  They only offer symptom relief.   The prognosis without radiation was four to six weeks max.  So we proceeded to take the radiation.  5 days of WBRT and then wait and see for another six weeks. 

During the wait mother did not eat for 30 days and was pretty much bed ridden, however in her weakened state she went for the MRI.  At this point she was in a catatonic state not making much sense and was struggling immensely with her brain function.

We went to see the oncologist the following week to receive the results of the scans.  By the look of the scans her conditioned had worsened and spread to the adrenal gland.   The radiation did not work and in fact it was worse, the original scan back in January indicated 8 tumors.   Once again the doctor soiled her spirit and soul.  It was a quiet ride home, and I reminded her of the positive that it could have spread to other places.

I went home went to meditate and once again asked Jesus to wrap his arms around my mother and bring his healthy blood cells and fill her body with healthy cells.  I cried out to him to please help, but I always remained thankful to him as we sometimes forget to do. 

I called up mother and said will you please drink some juice if I make you some? And she said yes!  My first of many miracles to come thanks to our messiah Jesus Christ.  I ran to the grocery store I purchased every food item I had extensively researched over twenty years and threw it in the juicer.   Miracle number two she drank it and has continued to do so since April 09, 2015.  Then we saw subtle changes she was getting up and then getting out of the house and then cleaning doing laundry cooking supper.  What this was crazy, but great.  Her spirit phenomenal and her personality was emerging back again.  Was this Jesus or the Juice I don’t know?  But we were just so happy to see her like this.   We did have to go to another appointment with the radio oncologist on April 17, 2015, which I did not really want to go because in their own right they think that they are GOD.  Telling people there is nothing they can do and they have a certain amount of time to live!!!, but I knew in my heart that as soon as this oncologist saw my mother she would be dumbfounded. I wanted her to see my mother, but I was afraid that the doom and gloom again would set my mother back.  So when we got there the nurse said do you know why you are here and we were like well yes and no it was obvious that we wanted to know if the radiation had worked as the other cowardly oncologist was too vague indicating that was his not his area of specialty, but I am pretty sure they all know how to look at an MRI.  He was too much of a coward to tell the truth so he referred her to the radio oncologist.

The nurse  said how are you feeling and my mom is like fine and then with a rather perplexed face said have you had any headaches and  my mom said no.   My mother said well my daughter has been making this juice for me.  The nurse immediately coped an attitude and said to me what is in that juice?  I said why? It really is none of your business   as I thought to myself you have done nothing for her.  She proceeded to say well you cannot have juice while you are treatment as it may interfere.   By this point I was furious and that was the final straw that broke the camels back for me and conventional medicine done!  I have always had a problem with this system and the ego of the doctors as I have seen them do little for my family.    No juice what? this is fruits and vegetables put here on our earth. A beverage full of the necessary enzymes, proteins, and antioxidants to rid the body of free radicals. 

Cancer thrives on starvation and the lack of oxygen and it is a breeding ground for the cancer to grow quickly.   I mean it is not rocket science, but yet we put our trust in people whom are desensitized looking at individuals as a number.

Any way I told the nurse that she was not receiving any treatment so we will do what we want! 

Then the doctor came in and said how are you doing?  and again my mom said fine.  She now also looked perplexed, but proceeded to say that the radiation did not work in fact the condition was worse and she had about 40 brain mets. I was stunned 40? Anyway I said to the oncologist that I was doing something and she insisted that I look at the scans, but I did not want to she kept insisting so I went into the room and looked at them.  It was like she had to justify it to herself and not to me.  She was counting the tumors on the scan and I said I get it, but it did startle me but bear in mind this scan was done before the juice.

I said to her since I have been giving her this juice she has done a 360 and she turned and said medical miracles happen all of the time.  I then told her I believe in Jesus Christ.

I asked one final question:  Can you please tell me person to person not doctor to patient was the outcome you expected to see when you can in to the room and she said No not at all and she said keep doing what you are doing because it seems like it is working.  She was a nice woman, but I felt so bad for her as she has been brainwashed by the medical system.

You see this disease has affected my life in many ways many times.  I have never truly believed and on April 17, 2015 every dirty truth was confirmed. So sad.  You see many people look for or type the word cancer on the Internet and millions of sites pop up.  Believe me I have been there.  I have seen some people who proclaim to have a cure a miracle pill, miracle water, clinics etc.  These are the ones you have to watch out for as they take advantage of the vulnerable so desperate willing to pay any price for a cure.

Myself the biggest skeptic I am fact oriented and don’t fall for money hungry blood suckers just the truth and faith.  To date my mother has lived nearly 4 months passed their predictions of 4-6 weeks. And she is living a quality of life!  Happy

At the end of the day God has the final say not the doctor.  You see I heard a voice and had a vision.  And my mission is to spread the word of the gospel and our messiah Jesus Christ to help all in need of help.

Update: My mother is in God graces now she passed away July 23, 2015, however she lived seven months not the original diagnosis of four to six weeks. Perhaps if she had not had the the poison of radiation the outcome may have been different who knows. Whether you are suffering from Cancer or are a caregiver please do not let the doctors control your fate. Please place your trust in Jesus. Sometimes we are granted more time and sometimes complete healing, (and their are many many stories of complete healing that have dumbfounded medical professionals) however whatever the outcome, we are blessed with eternal life and it was time for my mother to move over to a heavenly life which bears no suffering.

For anyone suffering the same fate right now, may God give you the strength to overcome the obstacles you are facing. If you require support or someone to share your thoughts with I would be happy to lend an ear and offer you advice.


I pray for your healing , take care and God Bless xoxox