Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spiritual Health

Airlifted to Uplifted

I received a devastating call the other day from my daughter.  Her father was in a serious car accident and was airlifted to the closest trauma centre.  Upon receiving the call I went into shock feeling the pain and heartache in my daughter’s voice.   At that moment I was feeling hopeless because as a parent you want to constantly shelter your children from pain.  That agonizing question “why” ponders through my mind, but after reviewing the wreckage it was a miracle one would make it out alive.  Thanks to the powers that be the injuries were serious but not life threatening.

At the time of hearing the news there was someone in my office and they had asked what was wrong.  I proceeded to tell them the news and they immediately felt sad indicating that they should not complain so much and should be grateful.    My response was that we should all be grateful and not complain about the minuscule things in life such as broken fingernail.   

I suppose that my life has conditioned me not to sweat the small things and that many human beings (thankfully) have not suffered loss or unbearable emptiness.  Perhaps if they did they would relish each moment and be kind loving people.  It is unfortunate that we only understand how sacred life is when we lose something.   We should not have to lose to appreciate the countless blessing we live with daily.

Lately I have been extremely aggravated with self-centered human beings.  It takes every bit of self-control for me not to say anything to them. The sad part about it is they do not even realize that they are consumed with themselves and it is truly heartbreaking.  However at the end of the day these individuals are spiritually starving and diseased and it is them who require saving. 

I have come to learn that some of the humans in society, that feel it is necessary to belittle, gossip, encourage ignorance; judge, lie and steal are very insecure and lack the spiritual health we should possess as humans.     A spiritually healthy person would never behave this way because of the inner security they retain.

Yesterday when I was at the hospital with my grandson I had noticed two brothers one in a wheel chair and the other pushing the wheelchair.   The brother in the wheelchair looked very ill and it appeared that he had sustained severe brain impairment.  I was feeling very bad for him and the struggles he obviously endured.   It reminded me once again to be forever grateful.  My grandson was so innocent and na├»ve to all of this thank goodness.   Then I saw three children all under the age of six running towards the man in the wheelchair they screamed “Daddy we miss you”.  I cried and was immediately uplifted by the joy in their faces and their fathers.  No amount of injury can erase a happy healthy soul.