Saturday, April 25, 2015

Abundance of Gratitude Leads to Abundance of Prosperity

From the moment I open my eyes in the morning my day begins with gratitude.  I am thankful for the many blessings in my life.  I am blessed with good health, which is one of the greatest gifts of life we have here on planet earth. 

As I start my day I grab a coffee and my gratitude quickly turns to disappointment.   Why?, because so many people are unhappy and stressed.  As a result of these emotions they expel this anger towards the staff inappropriately, or express road rage putting other lives at risk.  We are just simply displacing our anger on others when it is not even warranted.  Now what you have done is upset someone else’s day by taking your emotion out on them.

Anger is a genuine emotion, but that anger would be warranted if someone broke into your home your kingdom.  Not by expressing anger on someone driving the speed limit or a CSR that put an extra sugar in a coffee. 

Is this ego?  Are these people thinking that they are better, more superior? Most likely yes. This is what disappoints me I look around and think man these people have so much in their life and they are just recklessly treating people unfairly.

The last I checked was that we are all human beings.  We are all made up of mind, body and soul, but yet some humans feel that they have some sense of entitlement.  From my experiences it is usually humans that are wealthy by dollars and cents, but clearly not spiritually abundant.   Money for some reason breeds ignorance in humans and money is truly not a measure of someone’s prosperity.  In fact these humans are extremely poor inside. They have money to buy all of the things money can buy, but all the money they possess cannot buy happiness or spiritual health.

We have to breed gratitude and once we do that stress and anxiety will slowly dissipate from our life.  This will give each of us true prosperity.

I often hear people say even though I am grateful all this bad shit keeps happening to me, but are you truly grateful? Really really grateful? , or is there one ounce of jealousy for others?, or are you being unkind?  Ta da there you go this negativity will manifest into your life. I have actually manifested events of my life with my thoughts too, however there are some events we truly cannot control.  Gratitude will overcome these events.   By being a victim of the “why me” then it will always be.

Wake up tomorrow and be grateful you are alive, your health, your family, your job, your friends, your doctor, there are so many things to be grateful for.  Stop focusing on what you don’t have or what others have that you don’t.  There surly has to be one thing you can be grateful for.  This will change the evolution of your day and all of the coming days.  Maybe that extra sugar in the coffee doesn’t seem so bad after all I am alive to drink it!